Renishaw cyclone scanning system

What is scanning?


Scanning is the process of generating data about an undefined 3D surface. It can be used in many fields such as:


Tool & die, mould making

Press tools





To obtain this data an analogue scanning probe is placed in contact with the undefined 3D surface, which can be produced by using any solid material. The probe is moved over the undefined 3D surface in the most economic direction. The probe stays in direct contact with the surface at all times, this allows a feed back of data to a PC, which in turn can reproduce the undefined 3D surface.

The 3D surface that has been obtained from the analogue scanning probe can be exported in all major CAM formats. This allows the 3D surface to be altered in any way e.g.,


Scale XYZ

Triple Zone Scaling



Merge two or more models

Generate split face


So if you have an undefined 3D surface, we can transform it into a full solid model to be machined or we can make a mould tool for mass production. This process can also be used to reproduces existing mould tools that are in need of renewal, as a direct copy of the mould can be produced, this will help in cutting down on the re-testing costs.


If you are interested in what we have to offer then please don’t hesitate to contact us.